Our Product

Apeeling Bandage is an improved bandage design made for use by healthcare workers who routinely draw blood or give injections, as well as in homes for everyday use in minor cuts and scrapes. Our patented design combines the steps of applying a bandage, peeling away the outer ring covering, and securing it in place without taking your hand from the site.

The advantage this bandage has over today’s existing bandages is its unique peel tab, which simplifies the entire application technique. This bandage also lessens the risk of exposure to HIV, Hepatitis, and other diseases for the healthcare worker, who typically apply pressure with a piece of cotton and ask the patient to hold it while an adhesive strip is retrieved and placed on the site. This is not always convenient and presents a distraction.

As a nurse of over 35 years, I recall a time when I was drawing blood from a lady with a bleeding disorder. As I retrieved the tape to secure it, I asked her to hold the cotton, and blood went everywhere. This is both dangerous and unsanitary.

Our Product’s Unique Qualities

This is a unique bandage with gauze material in the center. It has the effect of absorbing blood and/or body fluids while simultaneously applying pressure against the wound. Surrounding this is a non-adherent ring. Next, there is an adhesive ring covered by durable, flexible, and removable material which is accessed by a peel tab extending from the side. This allows for easier removal while being secured to the skin.

It should be noted, however, that the basic form and function of this invention may be varied or modified so that the application and use of bandage could be broader than originally envisioned. This bandage can be offered in different sizes for different parts of the body and may have some veterinary applications as well.

This can be used anywhere bandages/wound dressings are used today, including hospitals, doctor offices, home, and labs.

US 7,135,606 B1